Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 4: Objects in Motion!

Well I didn't post during the week like I had hoped to, I got sucked into the Holiday tornado of fun and awesomeness. On the good side, it was also a sketching tornado of awesomeness. I've got quite a bit of sketches to make up for the slack, most of which are of my brother and sis-in-law's new dog, Copper. I haven't drawn dogs very much and I tend to shy away from trying to draw things that are moving a lot. Well, Copper helped me start to overcome both. He moves a ton and you can tell that I still struggled to capture his gestures because a lot of the sketches are of him sleeping or laying down. I learned a lot, though. It's been a great New-vember ya'll. I'll post the next months theme this week.

The only thing I did was warm up the lighted areas. I feel like I'm getting
close to the end, though. I want to darken some things and then add the fine extras.
It was a bit rough at first
Lots of sleeping and laying down poses.

He is a forever sad little Beagle. You can tell when he's happy, though,
he wags his tail, jumps up on you, and licks your face off. He's a fun dog.

By the end I was able to do these from my head.
I learned something.

Hunchback, lonely, friendless musician character
concept I've started thinking about.

Brad, my home-bro, opening a present for his b-day

Critiquing your stuff helps you improve, I've noticed.
I critiqued this and then went over it and tried to fix things. I think it helped

Crows for Mike's story.

Moving into the Character concept design now.

More caricature experiments. It's been tough, but I'm slowly
starting to see and understand.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 3: The painting, Charicatures and wings

I'm almost done with Nolan's Painting! I've also included some warm-up caricatures for good Ol' Apartment 6. I drew some wings this week too. This week was a bit sad, so I'm going to post some more sketches and the finished painting during the week. Have a great Thanksgiving!

I still need to add some more shadow in the pants and shirt and I'm going to throw in more sparks, which will look way cool hopefully. And I want to make the helmet more reflective.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 2: Crayons, Oil, Color and Shape

     This last week I started working on Nolan's painting which is based from a sketch I did of an abstract welder. I'm officially using oil paint for the first time. The painting is not finished, but here is what I have so far. I also sketched some with crayons, focused on shapes in in figure drawings, and I played around with color theory and compositions a bit throughout the week. Enjoy!


Monday, November 7, 2011


Happy NEW-VEMBER everyone! This month is all about starting fresh, becoming a new person. Out with the old, in with the new. A terrible trap for any artist is getting stuck in a familiar and comfortable routine, and there are a lot of habits that I want to break. I good way of becoming more creative is by trying things in different ways, which helps you see things from new perspectives. It keeps you on your toes and prods you to actively problem solve! So, I am going to try new things, draw subjects that I struggle drawing, use tools I haven't learned or that I shy away from (like crayons!!), and experiment new styles. Along with that I am going to change a horrible characteristic in myself. I have made so many empty promises, telling people that I would make them pictures and paintings and things, but have not followed through. I'm going to do those and start keeping my promises, or not make them in the first place. Among these promises are a painting for my sister-in-law, a drawing for old apartment 6, a painting for Nolan, and some drawings for my friend Mike's story ideas.

That is this month, and I included some sketch pages to start off the week. I hope you guys try new things too in whatever talent or goal you may have!

A tree house concept from a while back

I glanced at a kid for a split second at the eye doctor last week and the Socrates Astronaut was born

Some warm-up gestures from pixelovely.

The eye doctor's office was full of awesome old guys and sweet mosaic lamps.
I wish I had drawn more Old  men.

Some Bean Museum animals along with notes about story from some directors
that work at Sony that visited last Friday.

The bean head man was one of the directors. He had the best Grover monster voice
and he was Irish. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Old Stuff

Here's some more random digital and 3D work that I have done in the past while.

The Tree of Life

A sad sad daisy man.
(can you blame him?)

3D bug from my 3D design class

Lego man!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Neumannation Begins

Hello everyone. This is the beginning of the Art blog of Jarom Neumann. I just wanted to start out by showing a few of the recent things I have created. Be patient as I learn the mysterious workings of this blogging phenomenon.

Snow Man!!!
Some simple gestures.
Maaaa FACE!!!
A project on opposites.
A figure drawing from Winter semester.
More to come.