Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Port-Folio February

Ok so February is almost over, but I'm going to have this topic carry over because that is basically all that I'm doing with my life. I apply to the Animation program at the end of this semester and I am working on some new finished products to put in my application portfolio. This picture was an assignment in Drawing for Animation. The topic was a kid and his/her imaginary friend. Hope you enjoy and think back to when you had an imaginary friend of your own, unless you still have one...... which is fine..... for you.... :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

More Marker and Ink

Here's a few random drawings that I've done in my sketchbook and such in the past week or so. The sabertooths are from a small dino museum near campus. They let me try out their little dirt sculptor tool on a slab that had some bones in it in the back room! It was so much fun. I think that will be my alternate career choice. Dirt Sculpting!!
I made this for one of the students at work,
and I just noticed a bad tangent with the tail and back leg. Ah! :)

Another quick monster sketch for another student at work. 

Museums Rock! I could have stayed there all day.