Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Something Stood Out

I saw this when I was camping with my parents and it really stood out to me for some reason. The fact that it was the only dead tree surrounded by living ones made it seem like it was an outcast, or a condemned tree about to be sacrificed or something. I saw this whole little short film flash in my mind of this all happening, coupled with intense music that builds up to the climax of course. Someday, this will happen.

Done in watercolor with my sweet niji watercolor brush pens!
The thumbnail is sideways by the way. (I can see you all tilting your
heads at your computers now. hee hee)

I loved how the tree looked like it was on fire.

Sketchbook Dump

So I've come to the realization that I suffer from Art ADD. I get excited about a project or an idea for a theme for the week, I stick to it for maybe a day, then I start doing something else. So I'm going to try and get back to the things I said I was going to do because I feel like consistency with certain things will help my progression. Anyway, here are some sketches I scanned from the past few weeks.

Evil Blue Jay. These birds are sweet
(from camping trip)

some dude in the cougareat.
great long face with hardly any chin

This was our camp host. My dad and I gave him the name.
We never saw him without his killer goggles and he always rode around
on his beefy green ATV, making sure there was order in his little kingdom.
(I'm going to do a redesign and redraw on this puppy)

People at the airport

Bee's Baseball game. Did they win? That doesn't matter.
and yes, there was an owl there, in the front. I don't know why

At my friend's mission farewell. Bishop, Ward Clerk
and Return Missionary.

Monkey, Kangaroo, Tiger....WIZARD!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm alive!!!!

Sorry I have not posted in forever! I have been helping with a short little animation some students wanted to work on over the summer. I was put in charge of modeling a goofy pigeon character. so I thought I'd show you the fruit of my blogging absence. :)